National Dress Up Your Pet Day

The Human Resource department here at SVSU is a group of hardworking individuals. They are the go-tos for any issues SVSU employees may have, but they are also the ones who make sure everyone gets paid and gets the most out of our health insurance! These folks work hard every day, so they're always up for a celebration!
Take today for example - National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Our HR staff is celebrating in full force. Flip through the photos to read more about their fantastic friends!
golden doodle wearing Ravens jersey
This is Beau! He belongs to Nick, SVSU’s Director of Human Resources. Beau was a five star football recruit in college, but has been basking in retirement with his much loved family. He says that the limelight just isn’t for him. Beau much prefers watching football from the comfort of his own couch these days.
turtle wearing a cartoon hat and holding a lollipop
Meet Boris! He belongs to Abby, one of SVSU’s payroll specialists. When Boris was just a little boy he unwrapped a chocolate bar to find a golden ticket! He then went, along with his Grandpappy Turtle, on a kooky adventure, ultimately claiming ownership of a pretty swanky chocolate factory. He ended up stepping back from the day to day details of running the business, but they still send him plenty of sweets to enjoy in his vacation tank here in Vermont!
black cat wearing blue bowtie
This is Fetty – he belongs to Joe, one of SVSU’s payroll specialists. Fetty enjoys the simple pleasures of life. He believes that there’s nothing a strong cup of coffee and a fresh pressed suit won’t fix. When it’s time for Fetty to relax, he puts on his most comfortable bow tie, kicks his feet up, and silently tortures the birds flying by his window. That’s the life.
German Shepard wearing sunglasses
Meet Harley. This bad boy belongs to SVSU Payroll and Benefits Manager Laurie. Harley is pretty hard core, one may even say he’s bad to the bone. His hobbies include riding on his Harley, chompin’ on some nice meaty bones, and strutting around town in his leather jacket.
tabby cat wearing winter jacket
This is Mia. She lets SVSU Human Resource Coordinator Gloria take care of her, but we all know who’s in charge. Mia is a couture cat model. She has traveled the world, strutting her stuff on the cat walk in Paris, Milan and New York. Mia always comes home at night though, loving a good cuddle and a scratch behind the ear.