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Please view the below information about transportation within the SVSU. 
Note that at this time there is no information on this page that addresses Arlington Memorial High School or Fisher Elementary School.
Walk zones are a defined area around a school building where students are safe to walk or bike to school. Bus schedules generally do not include these areas unless a specific student circumstance requires it. Not all schools have walk zones, and all walk zones are different. 
Southwest Vermont Union Elementary School District Schools
Mount Anthony Union High School District #14 Schools
North Bennington Graded School District
NBGSD is a nonoperating school district, meaning all elementary students are enrolled in other schools. Middle and high school students are provided transportation as they all reside outside of the MAU walking zones. 
Please note that the older the student is, the larger the walk zone. 
Short answer: no.
Families will need to coordinate their own transportation plan when opting in for SVUESD School Choice, participating in afterschool club/activities/sports, alternative addresses from their primary address on file at the school, out of school zone child care & programming and Superintendent approved plans.
Bus Schedules for MAU will be posted online and in the Bennington Banner at the start of the school year. 
SVUESD bus schedules are not posted publicly for student safety. Individual schools communicate this information directly to families. 
Students who require accommodations will be individually contacted by their case managers/school program.
Students who reside outside of a school walk zone will be assigned to a route for pick up and drop off based on the primary household address the school has on file. If you are a MAUMS or MAUHS family, please check your parent portal to make sure we have the correct primary address on file. 
If we do not have the correct address, click HERE to find a change of address form. If you have any questions on changing your address, please contact the SVSU Registrar at 802-753-5800. 
Short answer: no.
Licensed day cares are pick up and drop off addresses for the school zone they reside in only.
To find out what attendance zone you are in, see the information below:
School of Attendance is where your child is enrolled at (where they receive their education). 
School of Residence is the school zone associated with your primary physical address. 
Only for our pre-K learners and for those who require accommodations. 
You should call your child's school main office!
Please do not call Dufour Transportation. 
Short answer: no.
Bus passes to alternate address will not be accommodated.
We do!
For more information, please contact SVSU Homeless Liaison Laura Boudreau at [email protected]
Students are expected to walk the same distance to a bus stop as students that walk to school.  The older a student is the farther they are expected to walk:
PreK = do not walk
K = .5 miles
Elementary = .75 miles
Middle & High = 1.5 miles