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SVSU Title Funding

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at risk students beyond the regular classroom.  All of our schools offer schoolwide programs which are available to all students. 

What do Title I programs offer?

Supports offered through Title I include:

  • small group instruction in or outside the classroom to supplement and support practices to increase classroom learning
  • extra time for teaching students the skills they need
  • a variety of teaching methods to reach academic goals
  • additional teaching materials which supplement a student’s regular instruction
  • instructional goals targeted to your student’s needs
  • opportunities for professional learning for school staff


What is Title II? 

Title II funds can be used to provide supplemental activities that strengthen the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders. The purpose of Title II is to: 

  • Increase student achievement consistent with state standards
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders
  • Increase the number of teachers, principals, and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools
  • Provide low-income and minority students greater access to effective teachers, principals, and other school leaders


What is Title IV?

The purpose of Title IV  funds is to improve students’ academic achievement by increasing the capacity of the states, local educational agencies, schools, and local communities to:

  • provide all students with access to a well-rounded education
  • improve school conditions for student learning
  • promote the effective use of technology in supporting academic achievement and digital literacy of all students


How can I get involved?  We want to hear from you. Please review the district Continuous Improvement Plan. If you have any questions or program ideas, please reach out to your building principal or SVSU Title Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent, Laura Boudreau ([email protected], or 447-7501) or complete the feedback form.  We would also like to hear any parent engagement ideas that you would like to share. 



Phone Number


Jeff Johnson

Shaftsbury Elementary School


[email protected]

Jeff Johnson

Woodford Hollow Elementary School


[email protected]

Bethany Lorge

Pownal Elementary School


[email protected]

Donna Cauley

Monument Elementary School


[email protected]

Terrence Killory

Molly Stark Elementary School


[email protected]

Deanne Lacoste

Fisher Elementary School


[email protected]

Richard Arroyo

Bennington Elementary School


[email protected]

Chris Maguire

Mount Anthony Middle School


[email protected]

Tim Payne

Mount Anthony High School


[email protected]

Sarah Pickering

Arlington Memorial High School


[email protected]

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Complaint Procedures 

The procedure sets forth the process for resolving a complaint presented by any individual or organization that: (1) a school, school district, supervisory union, other agency authorized by the Local Educational Agency (LEA) or the State Education Agency (SEA), and/or (2) the State Education Agency violated the administration of education programs required by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Click HERE for the procedure.


Annual Meetings

Title I schools hold an annual Title meeting at the beginning of each school year. You have the right to request additional meetings at any time. To schedule, please contact your building administrator from the chart above or SVSU Title Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent, Laura Boudreau ([email protected], or 447-7501).