Mount Anthony Union School District Spinelli Field  Ad Hoc Study Committee

If you are a parent or community member interested in serving on this committee, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 802-447-7501 x5800.


The Committee

The committee was formed by the Mount Anthony Union School Board on January 29, 2020.

The committee membership has nine members consisting of two (2) Mount Anthony Union School Board members, two (2) MAU Athletic Coaches, two (2) community members or parents, two (2)  SVSU or MAU Administrators and one (1) MAUMS or MAUHS student. 

Appointment to the Committee

The two (2) MAU Board members will be appointed by the MAU Board Chair.

The two (2) MAU Athletic Coaches will be appointed by the MAU Athletic Director.

The two (2) SVSU/MAU Administrators will be appointed by the SVSU Superintendent of Schools

The two (2) community members or parents who wish to serve can contact the SVSU Superintendent's Office (802-447-7501 x5800) and the two members will be selected jointly by the SVSU Superintendent and the MAU Board Chair.

The one (1) MAUMS or MAUHS student member will be jointly selected by the MAUMS and the MAUHS Principals. 

Charge to the Committee

The Ad Hoc committee is to review the Spinelli Field Feasibility Study prepared by MSK Engineering and report the committee’s findings and recommendations to the Mount Anthony Union School Board.

The committee’s work includes, but is not limited to, meeting with the MSK Engineering representative for a presentation on the report. The committee is free to review presentations from vendors of the alternative playing surfaces listed in the report. The committee may conduct site inspections of other athletic complexes and receive testimony from the end users(coaches, players, etc) of these facilities including Facility Directors.   

The Ad Hoc Committee will begin work no later than mid February 2020 and report out to the Mount Anthony Union School Board at the board’s regularly scheduled April 15, 2020 meeting.

During the operating period of the Ad Hoc committee, all questions should be referred to the Superintendent’s Office.

The Ad Hoc Committee should appoint a chair and vice-chair and conduct their meetings following Robert’s Rules of Order.

All Ad Hoc Committee meetings will follow Vermont public open meeting requirements.

All Ad Hoc Committee meetings will be warned and posted on the SVSU website by the Superintendent’s Office.

The Spinelli Field Ad Hoc Committee’s role is advisory to the MAU School Board and will conclude its work and dissolve when the report is presented to the MAU School Board. 

The final decision on Spinelli Field restoration rests solely with the MAU School Board.