Discussion on Poverty

Officials from the State of Vermont visited for a panel discussion, made up of SVSU staff and partners, on poverty and how it relates to our schools. Senators Dick Sears and Brian Campion were joined by Tim Ashe, the President Pro Tempore of State Senate, joined in on a discussion that included the importance of food services for our students, behavioral issues, mental health, homelessness, funding issues, and parent involvement.

The panel included Superintendent James Culkeen, Director of Early Education Kate Abbott, Out of District Case Manager Mary Nevin, Pownal Elementary School Principal Todd Phillips, Bennington Elementary School Counselor Pam Brownell, MAUHS Principal Steve Nixon, MAUHS Associate Principal Dave Beriau, and Stephanie Gates and Maureen O’Neil, Directors of the Abbey Group.

“It’s a beautiful community,” said Superintendent Culkeen. “It’s a beautiful part of Vermont, but hidden among us is a harsh reality.”


Group of panelists