Attorney General at Shaftsbury Elementary

Zeb Miner and Karen Aiken’s 6th grade classes at Shaftsbury Elementary had a Zoom meeting with TJ Donovan, the Vermont State Attorney General. “Great to be in Bennington County,” Mr. Donovan said. The Attorney General, who is a father working with his own children and their remote learning, commended the teachers and students for their hard work during these trying times. He went on to answer questions, such as why he wanted to be Vermont’s attorney general, how he relieves job stress, what historical figures inspire him, and if you have to be a lawyer to become an attorney general. Mr. Donovan closed the meeting by talking about his own experience struggling in school, saying that “sooner or later you’ll find something that really grabs your interest. That’s something that happened for me, and it’s what led me down this path.”

The Zoom meeting acted as a substitute for the classes trip to Montpelier and the state house, which is a trip the Shaftsbury students typically take to finish their sixth-grade year and studies of state government.
Attorney General TJ Donovan on Zoom chat with students
a group of students on Zoom chat