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Family Fitness Fest: Spring '24

Family Fitness Fest is back! This year we have a couple of different activities that we really think you are going to enjoy. There should be a mix of things that are familiar for those who have participated before (like the yogurt parfaits!), as well as new ways to get active and have fun (like with the rhythm and movement activity)!
If you missed out on getting one of the bags of free materials for the activities (it filled up FAST this time around!!) please know that you can 100% still participate! All of these activities can be completed at home with your own materials.
When is the event?
May 17-24, 2024
Who can participate?
This opportunity is open to all families who have students in the SVSU. 
How will it work?
Take a look at the activities below. You will receive one ticket for each activity completed, but you may only complete each activity once. In order to get credit for completing an activity you must complete the Google Form* that is linked at the bottom of this page. You won't be getting physical tickets - but don't worry! When you fill out the form, your information will be collected and entered into our virtual drawing. At the end of the Fitness Fest, we will do a random drawing for each prize! 
*Please contact your teacher if you need a paper copy of the form!
Fitness Watches
Art Supplies
Disc Golf Set
and more! 
This opportunity is open to all families who have students in the SVSU. All prizes will need to be picked up in person at the SVSU Central Office unless other specific arrangements are made. Prize winners will be notified via the email address they submit through the evidence submission form. Prize winners will have 2 business days to verbally claim prizes, and then an additional 5 business days to pick up their prize. The failure to claim prizes will result in a re-draw for a new winner. 
We are excited to bring back our popular healthy eating and cooking activity! This time around we are going to put together healthy yogurt parfaits. 
Click HERE for the Yogurt Parfait recipe. 
Click HERE for the instructional video on how to make a Yogurt Parfait.
Mr. Kniffen, the music teacher at Fisher Elementary School, made a couple of fantastic videos to help all of us learn how to get active and move our bodies with rhythm! You have two video options: body drumming (which is a little challenging) or scarf movement (which is perfect for younger kiddos or those looking for a more gentle activity). Both activities count for the Rhythm and Movement activity. We hope that you enjoy moving and grooving with Mr. Kniffen as a fun way to get active!
Click  HERE for the Body Drumming video.
Click HERE for the Scarf Dancing video. 
Ms. Skaczkowski, the art teacher at Pownal Elementary School, teaches kiddos how to get creative on the go! We hope that students can enjoy some fresh air and gain inspiration from their surroundings to create simple and fun watercolor paintings. Watercolor painting can be relaxing, providing a great opportunity for people of all ages to create art, have fun, enjoy nature, and express themselves. 
Click HERE for the Plein Air Watercolor Painting video. 
Ms. Weyant takes us through a couple of simple yoga poses. These yoga poses will help students of all ages feel confident and calm as they go about their busy days! 
Click HERE for the Yoga video.