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Family Fitness Fest: Spring '23

Our EIGHTH Family Fitness Fest is upon us! Packed with fantastic activities, our next virtual festival will be May 22-29 so you and your family can make the most out of the long weekend for Memorial Day! This opportunity is open to all families who have students in the SVSU. 
Please note that all activities can be altered to be done with your own resources, in your own neighborhood. All activities should also be completed under the supervision of an adult. 
When is the event?
May 22-29, 2023
Who can participate?
This opportunity is open to all families who have students in the SVSU. 
How will it work?
Take a look at the activities below. You will receive one ticket for each activity completed, but you may only complete each activity once.  In order to get credit for completing an activity you must complete the Google Form* that is linked below each activity. You won't be getting physical tickets - but don't worry! When you fill out the form, your information will be collected. We will use that for our virtual drawing. At the end of the Fitness Fest, we will do a random drawing for each prize! 
*Please contact your teacher if you need a paper copy of the form!
Fitness Watches
Inflatable Archery Set
Inflatable Bowling Set
and so much more! 
This opportunity is open to all families who have students in the SVSU. All prizes will need to be picked up in person at Mt. Anthony Union Middle School (MAUMS) or Fisher Elementary School. Prize winners will be notified via the email address they submit through the evidence submission forms. Prize winners will have 2 business days to verbally claim prizes, and then an additional 5 business days to pick up their prize from a designated location. The failure to claim prizes will result in a re-draw for a new winner. 
We are excited to bring back our popular healthy eating and cooking activity! This time around we are going to put together healthy yogurt parfaits. 
Click HERE for the Yogurt Parfait recipe. 
Click HERE for the instructional video on how to make a Yogurt Parfait.
Click HERE for the Submission Form. 
Watch the video to learn all about how you move your body, spend time in nature, and flex your artistic muscles all in one fun outing! But don't worry - just because we decided to do this activity all in one morning doesn't mean you have to! Take part in one, two, or three aspects of this challenge to earn either one, two, or three tickets. 
Click HERE for the Three-in-One Video.
Click HERE or HERE for the Wildflower Coloring Page. Note: four art students from MAUHS created these two coloring pages for this event. Thank you to those students and their teachers for their beautiful work! 
Click HERE for the Three-in-One Submission Form.