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The SVSU Family Fest

The Project
We want to encourage all members of our community to engage in a healthy lifestyle. A perfect way to start is to focus on the food that we’re putting in our bodies! 
The SVSU Family Fest is going to encourage students, at home or in school, to create different projects that show us the importance of healthy food. Students can choose one of two creative options, and participate in a hands-on food-making activity at home! Participants for all activities will be entered into a drawing for a prize!
What are the activities? 
With two different creative opportunities, we hope that there will be something for students of all abilities:
  • Make-Your-Own-Message
    • We want to see what our students have to say! They can create a video, poster, song, or digital graphic that displays the ideas behind a healthy lifestyle and Smarter Snacking.
  • Color it in!
    • Digital design students at Mt. Anthony Union High School created a fabulous coloring page for you to complete!
And, as if that’s not all, there is another hands-on opportunity for you to make a healthy Ants on a Log snack at home! 
Submitting Your Projects
In order for you to get a “ticket” in the drawing for the fabulous prizes, you must fill out the feedback form BEFORE Monday, December 18. You can find the feedback form at the top of this page!
Please note: if you submit a project, we might use all or part of it in upcoming SVSU communications! If you do not want us to make your project public for any reason, please email SVSU Public Information Coordinator Katie West at [email protected]
For the Make-Your-Own-Message project, students are encouraged to be creative! As individuals or in groups, students can create an info-graphic about Smart Snacks, make a hand-made poster about the benefits of healthy food, create an original song, or anything in between! 
See below for a few examples!
Healthy Food builds Healthy Kids Poster