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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union is committed to developing lifelong learners who contribute to their community and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society. In an effort to fulfill our vision, the SVSU has adopted a comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered (Ci3T) model of prevention (Lane, Oakes, & Menzies, 2010). This Ci3T model is designed to address our students’ academic, behavioral, and social needs using a continuum of supports, including a proactive approach for addressing students’ needs in all three areas. We have established systematic screening practices and a continuum of supports, ranging from universal, broad-based strategies to targeted and individualized interventions. The three-tiered model provides for: primary prevention (Tier 1 supports for all), secondary prevention (Tier 2 supports for some), and tertiary interventions and supports (Tier 3 supports for a few). The goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment including the accurate detection of students who need additional support beyond primary (Tier 1) prevention efforts and then providing these students with additional secondary (Tier 2) and tertiary (Tier 3) evidence-based supports.
The SVSU Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) DASHBOARD
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