English Language Arts

SVSU Local English Language Arts Curriculum Guide


This area includes:

Reading (Literature, Informational Text, Foundational Skills), Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language, and Media and Technology.

In order to develop independent thinking, students must engage with literary, informational, and other media works while learning to express themselves effectively through written and oral language. Students are expected to apply their language skills to increasingly challenging material linked in ways that promote cumulative learning. A coherent sequence of reading, writing, and research skills ensures that students both broaden and deepen their base of literary and content area knowledge. It is this broadening and deepening knowledge base that stimulates intellectual growth and enhances their capacity for independent critical thinking.

At all grade levels, a sound English language arts curriculum integrates concepts and skills from all four ELA strands as well as Media and Technology. “Just as media and technology are integrated in school and life in the twenty-first century, skills related to media use (both critical analysis and production of media) are integrated throughout the standards.” (“English and Language Arts (ELA) Common Core." English and Language Arts (ELA) Common Core. South Summit School District, n.d. Web. 29 July 2015)

The SVSU has a writing prompt benchmark assessment. Click here to view assessment information. 
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ELA Writing Documents