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Homeless Information for Staff

Did you know there is a law called the McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act? This law ensures that students experiencing homelessness have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education provided to all Vermont children, with the opportunity to meet the same challenging State academic standards.

Challenges that children and youth experiencing homelessness may face are:
• Enrolling in school
• Attending school
• Succeeding in school
If you are supporting a student who is experiencing the following situations, please reach out to the individuals listed below:
• Sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing
• Staying at a motel, hotel, or campground
• Staying at a shelter
• Spending the night in a car or public space
• Are migratory and qualify as homeless because you are living in circumstances described in the above situations
For assistance please contact SVSU Assistant Superintendent and Homeless Liaison Laura Boudreau (802 447-7501 or [email protected]) or the following Family Engagement Specialists:
• Trisha Wright [email protected]
• Dan Sherman [email protected]
• Deb Maher [email protected] 
• Katherine Langlois [email protected] 
If you find yourself talking with family members of students experiencing homelessness, this script may be a resource for you:
• Based on the information that you have shared with me during the registration process, would you like to access McKinney-Vento assistance for Homeless Children and Youths? I can have our SVSU Homeless Liaison, Laura Boudreau, contact you for general enrollment and procedures for the school in question to apply.

If the family requests support, contact Laura Boudreau within 24 hours of receiving the enrollment request.