Equalized Pupils - "the long-term weighted average daily membership multiplied by the ratio of the statewide long-term average daily membership to the statewide long-term weighted average daily membership." (from Vermont Statutes Online)
Common Level of Appraisals (CLA) - "a method of ensuring that each town is paying its fair share of education property tax to the state’s Education Fund." (from the Vermont Department of Taxes)
Property Tax Yield - a number "set by the Ste of Vermont to generate enough property tax revenue to support the anticipated statewide... education spending after all other education fund revenue sources were accounted for" (from the Vermont Department of Taxes)
ACT 173 - this act focuses on funding for education. To read more, go to the Vermont Agency of Education website! 
The Vermont School Board Association has several accessible resources about understanding public education funding in Vermont: https://www.vtvsba.org/