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Extended Year Services

Q. What do the regulations say concerning Extended Year Services?

A. Extended Year Services (EYS) means special education and relate services that are:
  • provided beyond the normal school year of the public agency
  • In accordance with the child's IEP
  • at no cost to the parent
  • determined on an individual basis
  • intended to prevent significant regression on existing goals
  • necessary for the provision of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education)

Q. How is eligibility for EYS determined?

A. The student's IEP team determines eligibility for EYS on an annual basis. Each child's individual needs must be considered for EYS. It is usually determined by review of data taken before and after breaks in instruction to see if the child shows significant regression of specific IEP goals, and recoupment of the skill takes longer than expected. Other factors may be considered by the IEP team in determining EYS eligibility such as: severity of the child's disability; barriers to self sufficiency; vocational or transitional needs of the child.

Q. Are related services included in EYS?

A. Related services such as OT, PT, and Counseling may be provided during EYS. In some cases a related service may be necessary for a child to participate in specialized instruction during EYS.

Q. Is transportation provided for students for EYS?

A. When considering transportation as a necessary related service for EYS, the student's IEP team must consider the student's disability AND access to the necessary EYS services. Does the student's disability require transportation in order to receive FAPE? Does the student need transportation in order to access the required IEP services?

Q. What are some examples that are not EYS?

A. Extended Year Services are not the same as summer school or summer recreation programs. EYS may not be limited to students with certain disabilities. The type of service, the amount or duration of the service cannot be unilaterally limited to accommodate the schedule of staff providing the services. EYS is not intended to provide the student with an opportunity to progress toward existing annual goals or to initiate new goals.

Q. What is the difference between EYS and Summer Programs?

A. Summer School, Summer Recreation Programs or Enrichment Programs are optional and voluntary programs for all children. Summer Programs are not required for the provision of FAPE. EYS is special education and related services that an IEP team has determined are necessary for an individual eligible child to receive FAPE.

EYS services may be provided within the structure of a summer program. However, the summer program structure cannot dictate the frequency or duration of the EYS service. For example, if the summer program operates M-F from 8-11:00, and the service for EYS is maintenance of social skills, the IEP team must determine the frequency and duration of the social skills instruction necessary to maintain the individual child's skills.

Q. If an IEP student who is not eligible for EYS attends "Summer School" is the district required to provide any or all of the IEP services that are provided during the school year?

A. NO. This is a Section 504 issue. IDEA does not apply to the student outside of the typical school year. Just because the student did not qualify for EYS, he/she still has a disability and may require accommodations, modifications or services under Section 504.