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Postsecondary Transitions

The Transition process helps our learners ages 15 and up prepare for successful transition into adulthood or post-high school life (career, education, independent living) and achieve their goals for their post secondary experience. 
Transition Assessment Planning Form is a tool which helps IEP teams determine what assessments will be done and when.
Transition Assessments
Transition Assessments are instrumental in highlighting an individual’s strengths, needs, and interests. Special education teachers can use that assessment data to inform the creation or annual update to IEP transition plan.  The following is a list of online transition assessments that are student led.
Career Exploration Activities
  • Explore Work: a series of lessons and learning activities aimed at career exploration.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: the US Department of Labor website for student led occupation research.
  • Virtual Job Shadow: an extensive video bank and virtual career exploration at every level of development.
  • O*Net My Next Move: an opportunity to browse careers by industry.
  • MySkillsMyFuture: a resource to build a bridge to find a career match based on existing job or work experience.
  • Youth Rules!: a student-friendly website with resources and tools for students to learn about labor related laws and policies.
  • Career One Stop: a way to explore career opportunities through active participation information gathering.