Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive what they need to develop their full academic and social potential.  
  • We are committed to providing individualized opportunities for all students, focusing on the achievement of identified goals and objectives.
  • We hope to interrupt and change inequitable practices to ensure that all students "see themselves" in their curriculum, instructional materials, and environment.
  • By examining biases, we hope to create and coexist in an inclusive, safe school environment for adults and children. 
"Equity exists when there are no systematic differences in the distribution of these conditions, practices, and results based upon race, ethnicity, disability, gender, economic status, or any other relevant characteristics." The College Board (2000) 
The SVSU Educational Equity in Practice Committee was formed in 2019 following the SU's receipt of a statewide grant aiming to train educators on practices revolving around equity. They are committed to the ongoing work of creating equity in our schools. 
The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union is committed to developing lifelong learners who contribute to their community and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.