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1000 - Community Relations

SVSU Unified Board Policy Development

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Policy Description
1000 - Policy Drafting Committee  Policy development and the policy adoption process  
1004 - Custodial / Joint Custodial / Non-Custodial Parental Rights and Responsibilities  The legal rights of both parents with respect to involvement in their child's education  
1005 - Identification Card Policy  Identification program be instituted in each of its schools for the safety of students, staff, and community 
1015 - Disruptive Persons  Provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff members in all school facilities  
1018 - School Community Relations  To encourage community involvement in its schools  
1019 - Nondiscriminatory Mascots and School Branding  To provide welcoming, positive, and inclusive learning environments for all students by prohibiting the use of discriminatory school branding, which undermines the educational experiences of members of all communities
and perpetuates negative stereotypes.
1020 - Visits to School by Parents Guardians Community Members or Media-Recording  To balance the need of the public to be informed about school activities with the privacy interest of students 
1025 - Public Complaints about Personnel  To see that complaints about school personnel are considered in a timely manner  
1090 - Use of School Facilities  To encourage the public use of school facilities while protecting investments  
1100 - Fixed Asset Policy  Implementation of the required accounting standards set forth by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)  
1200 - Marketing Advertising Surveying and Donations in the Schools  Marketing, advertising, surveying and donations in the schools shall occur only if they support each District’s goals