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3000 - Business & Non-Instructional

SVSU Unified Board Policy Development

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Policy Description
3100 - Transportation  To provide reasonable and necessary transportation to students in accordance with 16 VSA §1221. 
3101 - Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing: Transportation Employees  To only contract with company that will comply with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. 
3105 - Student Enrollment  ...any legal pupil who is a resident as defined in 16 VSA §1075 shall be eligible to attend school in the appropriate districts. 
3106 - School-Building Enrollment Zones and Attendance Out of Bennington School District Assigned Zone  To reflect the changing distribution of students within the District. 
3110 - Activity Accounts  To ensure the proper accounting for, and the expenditure of, student activity funds 
3115 - Prevention of Conflict of Interest  No employee, officer, or agent of the Districts may participate in the selection, award, or administration of a purchase or contract if that person has a real, perceived, or apparent conflict of interest. 
3200 - Emergency Closings  The superintendent or designee may order the closing of any or all schools whose operation on a short-term basis would pose a serious threat to students or staff. 
3215 - School Parking  Each Board shall be empowered to set, review, and change the general parking regulations as necessary.